Note: The following are a sample of applications that were developed for one of more of our clients. We can develop similar, customized applications for your organization.

These applications either form a base for other applications to be built upon, or are generic in nature and thus useful to any organization type:

  • Intranet Application Portal
  • Extranet Application Portal: An extension of the Internet Portal, the Extranet Portal allows the same set of users access certain applications which are deemed as safe for Extranet use from off-campus locations.
  • Reports Portal: This modular and extensive application provides the mechanism for different entities throughout the organization to upload a multitude of reports (Word, Excel, PDF) for dissemination of the reports to select groups of people in the organization. The groups are completely managed by report owners. In addition, this application provides the mechanism to upload dynamically run Crystal Reports which the end-user can custom to their needs. For instance, a single report which encompasses all accounting units would be sufficient for viewing by the entire organization since access lists are applied to the report during generation, causing upper management to not be restricted in any way while departmental administrators would be limited to only accounting units in their own departments. The same set of criteria can be applied to any measured value which follows the hierarchy of an organization.
  • Digital Archive Tracking Application (DATA): A repository system with customized indexing, allowing the conversion to digital media of paper files, or capture of digital media in its original format. Information is scanned and indexed by the owner while users can search for scanned documents or digital media using the indexes. Capabilities include forwarding documents in several different formats, ease of publishing current versions of the documents on the web, and granular rights management.
  • Room Reservation System with Calendar Integration
  • Emergency Broadcast System: This application is designed to provide users with the ability to enter all their electronic contact information (emails, mobile and pager) and opt in/out of receiving campus related emergency broadcast messages.
  • Newsfeed: The newsfeed application creates dynamic lists based on existing databases in addition to allowing users to opt-in to receive news intended for specific group of users.