Note: The following are a sample of applications that were developed for one of more of our clients. We can develop similar, customized applications for your organization.

These applications were developed through close collaboration with marketing departments at various institutions:

  • Patient Portal: Development and deployment of a patient portal for secure patient/physician communication in addition to allowing patients to request appointments with physicians. Provided ability for patients to select keywords/diseases which were tied to on-line resources, in addition to allowing patients to track longitudinal lab values and vitals.
  • Marketing Information: This application allows for information to be gathered from the physicians for marketing purposes on hospital/clinic web sites. Examples of tracked information include, but are not limited to languages, hobbies, keywords, practice locations, layperson medical interests, referring physician medical interests, fellowships, board certifications, research interests and and biography. Additionally the same information can be used for publishing physician directories on the web or print media.
  • Marketing of Clinical Trials: A streamlining application to help with marketing of clinical trials on hospital web sites. This application manages the submission, tracking and the approval process of marketing materials.
  • Image Library: A database which keeps track of all images produced by the marketing department (photographs, illustrations, etc.) and indexes them based on several different characteristics which are later used to find images for inclusion in printed and on-line marketing materials.
  • Patient Appointment Requests: Enables new or returning patients to request appointments via online forms. The requests can then be routed to the appointment desk for further action.
  • Patient Event Registrations: Allows patients to register for events offered through the hospital, such as screening tests for coumadin.
  • Alumni Portal: A portal used by alumni offices to gather information from school alumni and convey news and information to the end-users.