Faculty Portal:
The Faculty Portal (FP) is an central location for faculty to review all pertinent information and their evaluations. It is compromised of many smaller applications and is particularly suited for medical schools. These applications work hand-in-hand to gather information on faculty effort. The information is then summarized so that the departmental chairpersons and the dean can review the information for each faculty.

Organizational needs vary between medical schools. We can develop a base for this product, or develop an application to tap into your existing faculty database and customize it to suit the operation in your medical school. Some elements captured for FP are:

  • Educational effort: tracking of courses, lectures, small group sessions, labs, rounds, and other credited activity
  • Graduate: tracking of graduate students
  • Clinical: tracking of patient-care revenues and RVUs
  • Financial: tracking compensation sources and amounts and categorizing them
  • Research: tracking research effort and dollars

Some other functions of FP include:

  • Faculty evaluation
  • Marketing information
  • Salary budgeting