N’Vek specializes in application development within the portal environment. This is the framework which provides the mechanism for various programmers to snap in additional applications which are controlled by a centralized security core, allowing several thousand employees to utilize the framework on a daily basis to access the individual applications they have been given access to. This framework integrates with LDAP and ADS for user authentication and serves as a launching pad for numerous applications designed to improve business operations. Using the portal as a foundation enables clients a method of secure management, access and application delivery based on individual user IDs.

Some of the capabilities of such installation include:

  • Provides a “home page” for computers on an organization’s internal network
  • Authenticate against various sources of authentication, such as LDAP, ADS and Windows NT Domains
  • Highly available and scalable when used with network load balancers and fail-over database clusters
  • Allows for applications with open access to any user logged on to the Portal, or even to users not logged on
  • Allows for any application to be made available on an organization’s Extranet